Vassar on the Front Lines

Voices from a Pandemic

Glenda Kenyon ’09

Glenda Kenyon has 10 years of experience working as a property manager. She currently has a portfolio of more than 240 units in the Chicago, IL, and Hammond, IN area, and has been considered an essential worker since the start of the pandemic. She and her husband are expecting a child in August. Glenda also photographed her new environment as she traveled to and from her office in Lincoln Park, IL.

Submitted July 23, 2020

Being An Essential Employee

“In the meantime, I was dealing with staff who some of their family got ill. Somebody did lose a family member to COVID-19 … And trying to keep morale up and keep spirits up in spite of everything we were surviving.”

Managing with Compassion

“You have to remember that you are dealing with people in a fearful situation, and they’re in their home. Everybody wants their home to be their safe space, and you’re in the middle of this pandemic and you can’t guarantee that home is a safe space.”

A People Business

“We are all trying to navigate this together. I think for some of the residents now they’re realizing this has to be a communal effort … I’m dealing with them sometimes on their worst days because of what’s going on during the pandemic, and sometimes I’m dealing with them actually feeling okay and secure.”

Chronicling the Pandemic

“I started taking pictures of it. There was part of me that knew this was going to be this weird history. I think now I want to chronicle it a bit more because my husband and I found out in December of last year that we were pregnant. I figured I would start chronicling how crazy this year for when my son is born so he would know what we were enduring.”

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