Vassar on the Front Lines

Voices from a Pandemic

Rich Heller ’82

Rich Heller is a conflict coach who works to help people through relationship issues in marriage, divorce, and business. He is the owner of Rich in Relationship, his firm in the New York City area.

Submitted July 15, 2020

Prioritizing During the Pandemic

“The bulk of my clients discovered they needed to take care of themselves first. You can’t be a good mom or dad if you’re not sleeping enough. You can’t get a lot of work done if you’re not eating well.”

Indelible Memories

“The memory that probably most sticks out for me is my daughter’s graduation from high school … And I thought, this poor child, this poor generation, they have no real sense of transition here.”

Fundamental Changes

“If we were to have a vaccine today, the whole world has been permanently altered already … Three months ago my parents couldn’t figure out how to make their phones work. Now they know how to set up Zoom calls. A whole generation that thought, ‘I don’t really need that technology stuff,’ is dependent on it now.”

The Vassar Influence

“In that time, that was when we were really challenged as to ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What do I really care about?’ … When I come up against how do I impact this, all of that comes out of that experience.”

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