Vassar on the Front Lines

Voices from a Pandemic

Tyler Robinson ’08

Dr. Tyler Robinson has completed three years of residency in the Department of General Surgery at the Albany (NY) Medical Center. After graduating from Vassar in 2008 with an International Relations degree, he completed his medical degree at Boston University and earned a master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard.

Submitted May 3, 2020

Reflection #1 COVID in the Capital Region

“About a month ago, it felt very tense working in the hospital. It sort of seemed like we were standing on the shore watching for the tsunami and fearing that it would overwhelm our hospital systems and ability to deal with a surge of patients.”

Reflection #2 The Effect on Health Care Workers

“The fear that health care workers across the nation were feeling is still present, although it seems that has lessened somewhat of late. It’s still certainly changed our practice.”

Reflection #3 Creative Solutions

“Dealing with COVID requires critical thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, and certainly is beyond anything that we’ve beeen able to reference from textbooks or any precedent in terms of our response.”

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